eLert Emergency Notification System

The eLert Emergency Notification System is an internet based public notification system designed to get emergency and non-emergency information out to the public quickly, efficiently and securely.

The eLert Emergency Notification System relies upon encrypted computer network communications and management user rights to ensure the highest confidence in issued eLerts.

The eLert system consists of basic parts: server, desktop client, and the management console. Without the expense of phone lines, extra equipment or monitoring fees, eLert can alert the public to incidents via any computer connected to the internet or local network, e-mail notification, or SMS text messages to cell phones.

Because eLert leverages “n-Tier” technology, an eLert message can be issued to specific, pre-defined areas while clients who are registered to that area can be notified any where in the world.

The eLert Emergency Notification Systems is the least expensive, most efficient, and simplest emergency notification system available.


Currently, eLert is in use by several jurisdictions in Sangamon County, Illinois including the Village of Chatham, the City of Leland Grove and Clear Lake Township.

Also, eLert has been endorsed by the Sangamon County Emergency Management Agency.

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Convenient


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